By Amadora Gahona

In the cold Winter months, the most appreciated fruit of Seville (Spain), the Bitter or Seville Oranges, are covered with an intense color and have an extraordinary aroma.

Lovers of traditions or simply those who love these oranges have the perfect excuse to make marmalade in their kitchens, even more if the weather is horrible outside.

In Gospa Citrus Farm we have cultivated Seville Oranges and other sweet oranges (Navelinas, Salustianas, Navelates, Lane Lates, Star Ruby Grapefruits, Clemenule, Nova, Tango Mandarins, etc.) for more than 150 years. It’s what I’ve known since I was a child.

My own experience of 50 years, and the knowledge transmitted by my family since we started the cultivation of the famous Gospa Seville Oranges, back in XIX century, have led me to recognize 3 reasons to make marmalade.

Photo: Jennifer Barnaby made this beautiful photo of Gospa Seville Oranges marmalade in Gospa Citrus in Seville.

1) Making marmalade is a tradition

A tradition is something that is passed from generation to generation. Making marmalade has become a great tradition in Britain, Ireland and France, and other countries. It is something that has stood the test of time and which must be learned by the next generation. It is part of our heritage.

It is part of the broad culture of preserving, that is so common in these cultures. Preserving not only saves money, it is also fun to do so.

But the funny thing is that within thisĀ  tradition, there is always room for innovation. We can add new and amazing flavors through by mixing citrus, liqueurs and other ingredients. Through creativity, we can add to the enjoyment of eating marmalade.

Seville oranges, and the marmalade itself, are wonderful ingredients for cooking and baking.

2) Making marmalade is a matter of emotions

After many years of making marmalade and listening to the stories of those who make marmalade, people of different ages and generations, it is exciting to realize that the process of making marmalade and the use that it gives, is something emotionally beautiful, desired by many, with a therapeutic value, which connects with the senses. It is something that we feel good about, something that leads us to have moments of happiness.

Sir Winston Churchill said: making marmalade is like putting “sunshine in a jar”… and illuminating your life.

3) Marmalade can be made on your own, but I prefer it when I make it with friends and family

It is an opportunity to bring people together, a shared endeavour you can enjoy with others.

And who has not wanted their marmalade to be appreciated by others? Even by experts such as the renowned judges who value the marmalade sent from all corners of the world to The World’s Original Marmalade Awards in Cumbria, UK.

If you have a favourite way to make marmalade and if you choose Organic Seville Oranges (and ensure that no pesticides-conservatives get into your jar) then you will have the pleasure of tasting a delicacy that has been enjoyed for people like the British for more than 400 years.

There are just three reasons why I love making marmalade, but you will have your own reasons and so it is posible that there are many, many reasons to enjoy this wonderful preserve every day. Lets go for it!


Vivien Lloyd

Inspirational preserves tutor, author, preserver and baker who encourages novices and artisans to refine their skills, instilling passion for genuinely top quality products.

She was using the Gospa Citrus Organic Seville Oranges for the last 30 years.