This is a citrusy, refreshing and vegan variety.

A new gourmet star that is becoming more and more accessible to the average consumer, who is at the same time demanding and values products that make an impact.

Caviar Lime is a surprising product, a luxury snack for the most discerning palates. Also known as Finger Lime, this delicacy is making waves. It comes from the Microcitrus Australasica shrub, native to the rainforests of Australia. It produces a fruit similar to a narrow, elongated lime, which is very difficult to obtain because its cultivation is demanding, limited and exceptional.

The interior of the Caviar Lime has a pulp consisting of exquisite gelatinous pearls. These pearls vary in colour, whether transparent, light green, pink or red.

Properties and uses of citrus caviar

It is very rich in vitamin C, A and B6. It provides potassium, folic acid and polyphenols, natural antioxidants that fight free radicals. From a nutritional point of view, it provides about 56 kilocalories per 100 grams.

This delicacy is an explosion of refreshing, intense, citrus flavour on the palate. This is the reason why its pearls are highly appreciated in the kitchen. It is a product that goes perfectly with seafood, be it fish or shellfish. It also stands out in salads, canapés and sushi. And it is spectacular for creating cocktails. It is a great product very suitable for creative people.

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Recipes based on Caviar Lime (click in the recipes)

Raes on Wategos’ oysters with lemon-aspen vinegar, anise-myrtle oil and finger lime

Automata’s kingfish with crème fraîche, yuzukosho, shiso and finger lime

Duck raviolo with finger lime beurre blanc and caramelised Brussels sprouts

Sean Moran’s tropical fruit cup with coconut cream and finger lime jelly

Lennox Hastie’s grilled kingfish belly, fennel and grilled finger lime

Kylie Kwong’s deep-fried chicken with finger lime sauce

Buckwheat-hemp crackers with avocado and finger lime

Jacqui Challinor’s kingfish ceviche with avocado and finger lime

Sean Moran’s parsley salad with finger lime

Sesame kingfish sashimi with ponzu and finger lime

Barbecued oysters with finger lime mignonette

Jaclyn Koludrovic’s dairy-free macadamia parfait with pineapple, ginger and finger lime

Grilled salmon fillet with green beans, caper and almond sauce

Honey chicken wings

Grilled king island crayfish with saltbush butter

Dusky flathead tortillas with green mango

Oysters, finger lime and ginger

Lemon myrtle pavlova

The new lemon and lime tart that screams summer

Summer fruits with finger lime syrup

Guacamole with Bursting Finger Limes

Guacamole with Finger Limes! Squeeeeeeee!

Quinoa Salad with Finger Limes

Salmon Stuffed Avocados with Finger Limes

Australian Finger Limes with Savoy & Fennel

Avocado Toast with Finger Limes and chili

Red-braised, Caramelised Pork Belly With Fresh Finger Limes

Crispy Black Bean Tacos with Feta and Finger Lime

Delicious finger lime pie

Refreshing & Fun Watermelon Juice with Caviar Lime

Papaya and Lime w/ a Twist

Super Healthy Buddha Burrito Bowl