Lemon of Sicilian origin (Italy). In Italian it is called ‘carrubaro’ (carob). The name ‘carrubaro’ comes from the carob tree, which this cultivar resembles by the characteristic production of flowers and fruits arranged in clusters and by the clearly purplish colour of the young buds.

It is a four-season lemon.

The plant is expanded and magnificent thanks to its contrasting colours during growth, with a dark vegetation characteristic which distinguishes the variety from the other ones.

It is a re-flowering and very productive variety which produces a bunch of flowers and fruits of a slightly smaller size.

The citrine yellow skin and the sweeter and more delicate flavour of the pulp chracacterize the fruit of Carob Lemon.


Culinary, it is one of the most widely used varieties of lemons for the preparation of dishes.

Like the other varieties of Femminello, Carob Lemon is used mainly as a condiment, flovouring ingredient and for the preparation of marmalades.