Author: Seville Oranges

A welcome in Ave Maria Farm

Thanks so much to this lovely Spanish family living in the UK. They listened about the Ave Maria Seville Oranges from Ave Maria Farm in their current residence and when they visited the south of Spain it was the time to organize a visit to the orchard. It was a delicious...

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Marmalade Season by Vanessa Innes-Wagstaff

The new year brings in the grey, sharp months between Christmas and Easter once again. Then you catch a bug, and or, a cold and when you’re feeling ill but on the road to recovery, what to do? Make marmalade! Read more here. She told: So inspired by the ‘Marmalade Oranges‘  I had spotted in a box, (from Ave Maria Farm in Seville) in Waitrose, I...

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A Canadian in paradise

Ave Maria Farm loves the visits of people who loves nature and natural life. Now our friends from Canada… They enjoyed so much. They told in our guest book: “Thank you so much for the tour of your orchard. It was a very pleasant way to spend a day. I can hardly wait to taste the marmalade. The oranges are great tasting”. xx Thanks so much for your lovely...

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