By Amadora Gahona*, Ave Maria Farm (Seville, Spain)

It is important to know that a part of the citrus sector is in crisis in Europe, specially in producer countries like Spain and Italy. Why? Due to SouthAfrican citrus, specially oranges, can be sold in our countries and in other we export anytime with a preferential treatment by the EU rules.

In this scenario oranges from Valencia (Spain) and other places are still in the tree. Millions of economic losses! Problems for many people, cause of unemployment too.

Some days ago I was explaining to one of our visitors, my friend the English best-seller author Rosanna Ley, why Ave Maria Farm has more and more orders any time.

orange experience

The Orange Experience in Ave Maria Farm, Seville.

Here you have the reasons


1) THE ALCORES. The place we grow sweet and seville oranges is called ‘Alcores’, what means ‘rolling hills’, a great place to concentrate moments of heat and cold due to the shape of the hills.


Ave Maria Farm in the heart of The Alcores (Rollings Hills).


2) THE SOIL. Our soil is very rich in minerals specially iron and phosphorus. This last gives a special sweetness to the oranges.

ave maria farm soil

A soil rich in minerals, specially phosphorus and iron (Ave Maria Farm, Seville).


3) THE WATER. Our water is abundant. Our town is called ‘Mairena’ that comes from the old Arab ‘Maharana’, what means ‘water from the fountain’, i.e. ‘a place full of water’, a land known by the Romans and then from the Arabs dated from 1247. A place with human presence since 50.000 years due to its wonderful nature and well known by the British because they sold this water to Seville for more than 100 years). Dolmens, a castle, many archaeological remains attest to this…

ave maria farm water

A Roman well in The Alcores (Seville).

Castillo de Luna Mairena del Alcor

Castillo de Luna (Mairena del Alcor). Luna Castle, Mairena del Alcor, Seville, XIV century AD.

Bonsor-Bencarrón-Ivory plate VII century BC

Bonsor-Bencarrón-Ivory plate VII century BC.


4) THE CLIMATE. It is Mediterranean, the most extraordinary for oranges, with colder nights for giving beautiful orange color to the fruit.

Ave Maria Farm nice oranges due to climate

Ave Maria Farm an incredible natural space.


5) THE ORGANIC CULTIVATION. Ave Maria Farm was the first being officialy certified in Spain. This organic cultivation is respectful for the environment and guarantees the best quality of oranges without pesticides or other toxic chemicals, and of course

Ave Maria Farm blossoms

Ave Maria Seville Orange blossom. It is called ‘Azahar’ that means simply flower in Arab language.


6) THE PASSION AND LOVE we put from the year 1867 in our 4th generation growing oranges in this farm.

Ave Maria Farm Amadora mother and Amadora daugther

Left to right: Amadora Fraga, mother, (former CEO) and Amadora Gahona, daughter, CEO in Ave Maria Farm, Seville.

The first photo above all is our Navel Lane Late oranges going to the UK and France. These oranges keep the sweetness of the juice due to low level of limonina. Very special organic oranges from Ave Maria Farm as well as our Navelina, Salustiana, Navel Powell, etc. and of course our famous Ave Maria Seville Oranges.

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Amadora Gahona is the CEO of Ave Maria Farm. She is the third generation growing oranges on Ave Maria Farm. Some of her children are already involved in the cultivation of organic oranges in Ave Maria Farm.