This recipe isn’t anything to do with baking or fermenting things but it came out of my kitchen and caused me such a lot of grief that I wanted the eventual triumphant result recorded here for posterity.

January is the time of year that Seville Oranges are in the shops – it’s such a short season so you have to grab them when you can. I do love marmalade – there’s nothing quite like it on wholemeal toast or homemade soda bread (I have a great recipe for this). Now there is no escaping the fact that making marmalade is a bit of a faff. You do need a preserving pan or a wide-mouthed stockpot. You need a fair bit of patience to chop up all the peel into the right sized pieces and a fair bit of time to actually do the boiling, jar sterilising and potting up.

1kg bag of Organic oranges bought from Waitrose. 

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