By Nic Dempsey.

Although I put it down as a February goal, I’ve actually started the marmalade making already.

On Saturday, I bought 3 kg of seville oranges (notice they are organic Ave Maria Seville Oranges). Which is three batches, which should last the year. The real issue is the amount of sugar I need to buy in one hit, I feel like a walking advert for type 2 diabetes!

I use the Delia Smith marmalade recipe as a base except I just use granulated sugar instead of preserving sugar. For this batch I made a dark marmalade by subbing 500g of the white sugar with dark brown sugar. This idea came from Felicity Cloake in the Guardian but I bought the wrong sugar so just halved the amount.

I find the shredding part quite therapeutic…

And there you have it, my first batch of 2017… There are lots of other ways you can play with the flavour, a glug of whiskey or gin would work well, but I think I like it best like this?

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